Pano Bread and Coffee

Pano Bread and Coffee


Germans are not exactly known for their coffee, but like many other European countries aspiring to catch up to their Italian brethren, finding a good cup continues to get easier. Pano comes from the word for bread in Esperanto—the widely spoken international auxiliary language that was constructed with the hope of fostering understanding and peace between nations. Pano the coffee shop plans to help create a better world through the use of fresh, organic, sustainable, and locally grown ingredients.

With 9 locations across the country and growing, including one of the most popular spots at Munich airport, Pano is beginning to look like Germany’s answer to the Belgian Le Pain Quotidien empire.

Enjoy your caffeine hit of choice alongside a slice or two of wood oven sourdough bread and a selection of spreads, or better yet, with scrambled eggs and ham on top. A variety of pastries, paninis, handmade chocolate bars, jams, cakes, and ice creams are also on offer.


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